Hybong Money / Account balance: referred as activity point (some time).

How to use account balance:

  1. When any service is buyed or purchased from Hybong, payment can be done by Hybong account balance.
  2. If the amount needed to pay is low in Hybong account then the additional amount can be paid by online payment system.

You can directly transfer your account balance to other user of Hybong eg. Seller/ Friends etc. by visiting to their profile.

How to add balance:

  1. Hybong provides balance on behalf of your activity on Hybong.com as well as balance can be added by online payment system from bank account. eg. If anything posted on Hybong.com then amount of same activity will added to Hybong account. This amount depend on the activity performed, as each activity credits specific amount.

How to transfer my Hybong balance to bank account:

  • Visit to your profile section and click on transfer link.
  • Fill the details as required and add amount want to transfer.
  • Each transition will charges Rs. 9/-. No matter how much amount is transferred to bank account.
  • Minimum amount can be transferred is Rs. 10 and maximum has no limit right now.
  • For eg. If  Rs. 100 or Rs. 1000/- INR  is transferred then 109/- or 1009 will be charged respectively.
  • Normally takes about 20-30 minutes to credit amount in bank account and rarely takes extra time eg. 24-48 Hr due to holiday or downtime of banking system.


How to save your Hybong account from being ban.

1 spam activity can’t be used to increase account balance

2. No points for irrelevant post on Hybong, which is useless to public eg. Good Morning, Good Night etc.

3. Same post  can’t be repeated to increase account balance.

4. Do not involve in illegal activity and purchase.

5. Do not post any false information/ news/ story in public domain as well as for public figures.

6. Should not violate our community standard.